July 2, 2007

101 Reasons to Not Love Japan

In June, we found not one--but two--centipedes, or "Mukade," in our kitchen. I swear the first one was pushing eight inches and the second a mere six. They are scary as all hell and because of their armor, they are impossible to kill with average household weapons, (Raid and sneaker.)
This guy took five whacks from Matt's boot and was still limping away!!! FYI: My colleague tells me to hold them at arms length and burn their heads with a lighter to kill them. With pleasure....


bkhuna said...

Reminds me of the time that a 13 cm mukade crawled into our futon at the old house in Nagai.

It took a can of Lysol and a lighter to dispatch it.

Benjo spiders, there's another story altogether.

Dave said...

Try this, Jess!

Goki-Jet. ゴキジェット
It's a roach spray that is so powerful that has not failed me on anything yet!
I even used it on a mukade (probably around the 6-7" range) and killed it quit.
And if you have gejigeji around....it kills them instantly...even quicker than when used on roaches!
The big-ass tree spiders took a little time but eventually killed him/her too!
Flies, ants, you name it....so far, Goki-Jet is the bomb.

You can find Goki-Jet at a convenience store or drug store.
Get one now Jess!