June 4, 2012

RfB: Not Just a Silly Blog Name!

I've never been ahead of my time, but look at me now world! This Japan Times article came out while we were in Washington (ahem--THREE years after this blog debuted!) and proves that Tokyo folks are beginning to enjoy slurping their noodles, perhaps even before their morning coffee!


Tal Zivelin said...

The link to the article doesn't work, oh technology you fail us once again.

Jessica said...

Hey T!
Did you click the link "This Japan Times article came..." bc it's working on my end.

Here's a direct link if you're still having troubles: http://blog.japantimes.co.jp/japan-pulse/morning-ramen-breakfast-of-tokyoites/

Mike said...

There is no Ramen
In the land of the red neck
Cup O Noodle time.

Jessica said...

"Mike" receives extra credit for commenting in haiku form. the bar has been raised!

Jenny Hussin said...

how in the world do I "follow" you? Can I only do that by email? I don't see a follow button... :(