January 30, 2013

Best & Worst Things I've Recently Eaten

Freshly shucked Japanese oysters in a ponzu sauce served with lemon wedge, grated daikon and spicy daikon garnished with a shiso leaf. BEST thing I've eaten this year!

Tuna Soup with miso and lucky eyeball. In all fairness to the dish, the soup was definitely not the worst thing I've had this year (that would be the fermented squid guts tossed with mashed umeboshi,) but that's another story. It was definitely the scariest looking thing I've forced down. The eyeball socket wasn't bad, nor was the skin that had separated from the eyeball. The eyeball was tough to swallow. The texture is like many an organ but it didn't taste bad, just a little mind-over-matter playing with my gag reflex:)

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Mike said...

The blog is back. Hurrah! Hurrah!

Tal Zivelin said...

I just puked in my mouth, I mean thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

Anytime! I love grossing you out:)