January 23, 2007

An Illustrated J Lo Sells Out for Lux Shampoo
Click this and check out how they turned a photo of the curvy J Lo into a thin, angly, illustrated character. It hardly looks like her anymore. Where's the booty, J Lo? Donde esta el nalgon??? (Yokohama Bus Stop)

January 22, 2007

Shisedo Cosmetics + a Few Nips and Tucks. . .

...and you too can sell out like the very Photoshopped Angelina Jolie. (Drugstore in Yokosuka.)

January 18, 2007

Mean Hat...Friendly Girl!
This gal was totally cool about posing for a photo. She didn't even ask why! I told her that it was because her hat was funny in English. She looked surprised...
(You should click the photo to get the full image and hopefully be able to make out the text.)

Beer with a Bite
Damn I'm clever. That's the infamous ear-biting Mike Tyson in an ad for Suntory Beer on the side of a bus stop in Tokyo. Vintage???