February 3, 2008

What a Wonderful Surprise (and so much for Setsubun!)

We woke up to a rather cold house. I could barely wipe the crust from my eyes before I heard "Jessica Chan get down here now!" I threw off the covers anticipating that somebody had robbed us before Matt finished "There's snow EVERYWHERE!"We spent the morning making "yukidaruma," watching Luci try to chase snowflakes and destroy our snowman and cuddling in the living room watching the snow fall.
We were pllanning on throwing soybeans at devils and dining on yakitori in Kamakura but will have to wait again for Setsubun 2009:)


bkhuna said...

Just like the winter of 83-84, when we were trapped in our house in Nagai for two days waiting for the snow plows.

Lucky for you!

Luci said...

that is so awesome! You are so very lucky! I can't seem to catch a break, even going to NYC in January, we still didn't even see snow!
The dogs look like they're having a blast and I like your snowman too!

Dave said...

Looks like you guys had fun in the snow too! And your dogs did too! I like the shot of the traffic light. And cool snowman!

Your snowman reminds me of something I saw on tv the other day.

It was a report on an onsen village somewhere (can't remember where). Reporting was a couple, he is Japanese and she is American. They're a couple that's known for getting into eachother's faces and always arguing on tv (of course it's all a show). Anyway, they get on a train in some small village and it's snowing like crazy. She says "The snow is so pretty! I want to go out there and make a snowman." He says "You know! You're snowmen are odd. Snowmen in the US have three layers and should only have two like Japan's." She says "Of course you have to have three! You have to have the head, the body and the last layer for the legs. And the reason why Japanese snowmen only have two layers is because you are all short!" He shut up right there.

So if you have ever wondered why your neighborhood snowmen only have two layers, that is why.