January 28, 2009

Our New Year Started Like This...

Toasting cans of Yebisu Beer purchased at a convenience store, perched on a cliff overlooking Sagami Bay with a crystal clear Mt Fuji view--spectacular! This is Inamuragasaki Point in Kamakura. There is a little park with some statues and great views where we chilled for a bit before heading to Kita Kamakura.

Meigetsuin-Near Engakuji and the Kita Kamakura Stop
The coolest thing about this place is this:

But they've got a few old Bamboo thickets too:

Finally, we arrived to Engakuji for...how we Celebrate the New Year: Unfiltered Sake to Wake our Spirit!

The first Blossoms of the Year...Apricot?