July 14, 2007

You Ate What?

There's a new survey to the right in which I've turned the tables and want to know what you've had to eat? You can vote for multiple things so click each one if you've tried it... If you've consumed something creepy that isn't listed, comment on this post and tell me! I'd say there's a prize for the gnarliest food mentioned but I'd be lying.

Oh yeah, this photo was taken in Paris two years ago on my final night there. I'd been looking for escargo, (snails,) the entire duration of my trip! I'd had snails before in our hometown, el Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, but in a tomato-based sauce. In Paris they were in an oil and butter sauce with some pureed herbs. Exactly how I like them. Zey were screaming delicious. Like chewy mushrooms. . . .chewy mushrooms that used to crawl around.


Jess(ica) said...

I'll kick things off...I had gator in Florida and turtle in New Orleans and here in Yokosuka. I think that might be weird to some people...

bkhuna said...

Weird you say? Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder. But since you asked, the short list would include:

Zazai plucked right out of Sagami bay and cooked over a fire on the beach. It’s like eating umbilical cords cooked in a little soy sauce and sake….

Whale blubber bacon. I don’t know the Japanese name for it, but my friend Takabe-san loved to play stump the gaijin when out on an all night bender….

Basashi. Raw horsemeat sashimi with garlic, dipped in beaten quail egg. Oh yeah, this might be weird to some, but I can’t figure out why some folks eschew one type of protein over another. It not like I’m eating my friend Flicka or anything….

Balut. Nope. Couldn’t do it. Would rather pull a Donner Party than eat one of those.

However, the strangest most fear inciting meal ever put upon me was a bowl of the vilest concoction ever crated: my wife’s Albondigas. I buried some once many years ago when she wasn’t looking and I understand the Hazmat team had to later respond….

Anonymous said...


Turtle Burritos and soup

Balut tasted like a bolied egg. It was getting past the form chick with feathers. Not crunchy as you might think.
Dog tacos. Didn't know it at the time we were eating them.

Raw Horse meat
Fried grasshoppers
Zazai The meat does look like an umbilical cord and chewy.


Dave said...

Raw horse meat would be the strangest for me too.
Does this qualify?...Wasabi ramune (cider drink). Tasted like Wasabi ice cream....only in liquid form and carbonated! How 'bout that?!?!?

Natto would be the nastiest. How can something that smells that bad taste good? But then again, dried squid is awesome! Honestly, I've never had natto.....