February 20, 2008

Some of the ugliest things taste the best!

Chikuwa: Sounds cute, looks repulsive but tastes DELISH!
This is a tube that the Japanese consider to be a "fish cake." It's part of a kelp stew called oden that is popular when it's chilly. I've had these at low-end places where they are like chewing on sponges. This one was meaty, not fishy at all and changed my mind about the funky looking fish cake.

Pass Me the Sake, I'm Going In...
I like nothing better than eating something that my Japanese friends assumed that I wouldn't. I think I do it more for their surprised expressions and exclamations of "Eeeehhhhh! Jessica ate that?" This is diced, raw octopus marinated with the wasabe radish. Verdict: once you get past that slimy start, it's killer! The bursts of spicy wasabe are fun!

The Best Gyoza I've Ever Had!
Okay, this isn't ugly but I had to share it anyway. After blossom viewing, we ended up at this Chinese-themed restaurant and ordered gyoza (pot-stickers,) with flour made with shiso, the fragrant and delicious leaves that it seems, the Japanese eat with everything!


Luci said...

I do love octopus, but I think I'd have a hard time with that dish. I'd have to get past that visual! And the slimey-ness. The gyoza looks really delicious!

Jessica said...

It's a really thick kinda slimy, like gelatinous...and went your teeth pierce tako flesh, it's kinda, um...dense? So, there's a lot to get used to. I think if I didn't grow up here, I probably would be gagging on it but it's really good!

Dave said...

So are you saying Natto is great? It sounds, looks and smells like ass! Never actually had it and never will!!

Oh, another awesome way to have Chikuwa is stuff it with cheese or cucumber. Awesome with beer!!!!! Oh, it goes good with Awamori too!!!! Still owe you.

Now you have Kumi and I wanting to eat gyoza!!! Just make sure you don't eat the frozen gyoza flown in from China....ha!~