July 24, 2012

Not-So-Strange, Strange Food

I have a strange aversion to chocolate and fruit. Strange because it seems that everyone else loves the combination. The first time I remember feeling this way was when I sunk my adolescent teeth into what I thought was as chocolate-filled truffle and instead, met an unexpected gooey, candied cherry center. There is one sole exception to my no-chocolate-and-fruit-rule, (which includes candy, real fruit and baked goods,) and that is the hand-dipped chocolate banana.
And then today I discovered this! Are they chocolate flavored tomato sticks or tomato flavored chocolate? I have no idea. But one lucky RFB reader will receive this in the mail and can tell us if it's strangely delicious or just downright strange.
Share your thoughts on this post to enter to be the lucky tomato chocolate guinea pig! Do you like chocolate and fruit? Do you have a strange aversion to something that most people love?


Anonymous said...

In Japan was my first time having the weird Kit Kat combos of Lemon or Orange kit Kat's. Being a non chocolate fruit combo lover was surprised at how freaking good they where and now crave them and can only get them in Japan.


Bkhuna said...

I volunteer to take one for team.

Liz K said...

I eat chocolate in almost any form! I don't like boozy chocolate, though. Give me a chance and I will tell you EXACTLY what the tomato chocolate tastes like...and you can send it MPS for free!

Adrienne Wilson said...

You have turned my husband into a tomato lover!!! I think he's ready for an "extreme" tomato experience!!

Luci said...

I wanna try! pick me!!! pick me!!!!

Eric Uzelac said...


Jessica said...

UPDATE: The winner was Luci! We'll wait to hear how the tomato chocolate tasted.

Liz-e-mail me your address. Do you have cheap olive oil like in Rota? Because I could use a big jug!

Eric--thanks for your participation. I agree--peanut butter (and any nut for that matter) makes way more sense than fruit!