June 4, 2012

RfB: Not Just a Silly Blog Name!

I've never been ahead of my time, but look at me now world! This Japan Times article came out while we were in Washington (ahem--THREE years after this blog debuted!) and proves that Tokyo folks are beginning to enjoy slurping their noodles, perhaps even before their morning coffee!

June 3, 2012

Engrish-Shopping Edition!

God Bless my iPhone because fodder for this blog is everywhere! A lot of times with Engrish, the message is straight to the point despite the grammar or word choice being a little off. Case in point: Polish your body, and clean your skin Feel so good! But even cuter is the happy little tush getting scrubbed. Also, if anyone knows of  a job proofing product packing--tell me because I'd be AWESOME!

Engrish--the Music Edition!

Advertisement in Yokosuka CD stop

This one has me scratching my head. I speak Engrish pretty fluently and I can usually figure out what the message is despite my usual chuckling. So wtf  is this band calling themselves? The crown upon a rooster's head? The bumpy texture on chicken skin? It is a popular dish here after all... Or are they saying they have a touch of fear in their otherwise bold attitudes? Kind of like "Slightly Stoopid"the punk band perhaps? Anyway, to hear what Japanese pop rock sounds like, douzo: