August 15, 2007

A Whale of a Lunch Break

Yesterday, my boss took his admin staff out to a rotating sushi bar not too far down the peninsula. Above is whale sushi. When I asked my coworker what part of the whale, she raised her arm and pointed to the area directly below her armpit. So, I guess it's rib meat or lower-pit...take your pick! It was yummy!

Here's our table with the sushi belt behind my colleague, Makiko. In front of the menu/sign is an intercom. No need to wait for a server to happen by your table--just buzz and command your order and the kitchen will handle the rest. It's Magic! It's Instant! It's Japan!

Here are a few more cellphone snaps of what I ate. The tuna belly was of course--delish--and the minced Salmon was a new one for me and equally oishi. (Rotating Sushi Bar in Uraga, Japan)

August 12, 2007

What the Hell IS This?

Yes of course I know what it is! I ate it! But when Yumi put this down in front of Matt and I and with a devilish grin said "it's gift from my father--please eat," well, I was scared.
So, just to mess with you guys, I'm not going to tell you what it is. Feel free to leave a comment with your guess. When I leave another post in a few days, I'll end the suspense......or not.
(Hideyoshi Yakitori, Kamakura)

"You Ate WHAT?" Poll Results
Here are the poll results from 14 unique voters:
Sushi, (the kind with raw fish) 50%
Snails, Snakes or Something Slimy 50%
Horse Meat 21%
Something Else 21%
Something that Was Still Alive 14%
Some Insect 7%
Kangaroo 7%
Dog Meat (Chinese Food Doesn't Count) 0%
I know one reader has had dog for certain; I'm guessing she didn't take test? (Mom???)

How The Japanese Poop

I posted this photo for two reasons: one, it illustrates a significant cultural difference between us and the Japanese--poop. Yup, we draw poop in a Mr. Hankie sense, a long or short log, usually brown in color. The Japanese illustrate poop as a pile similar to soft-serve ice cream. I've seen "unchie" drawn all colors of the rainbow, usually light brown or pink though. Also, toy machines, cartoons and stuffed toys also feature cute piles of poop, usually with arms and hands.
The second reason is that I, like this sign outside a bar in Yokosuka, am busy. I've been working hard at the new job and volunteering with this event:
I'll have some new photos and experiences posted soon...try to control your anticipation. :)
(Chuhai Bar, Yokosuka)