July 6, 2007

Tanabata: Star Crossed Lovers Meet in the Sky
The most popular Tanabata festival kicked off last night in Hiratsuka, about a half hour from here. The festival features elaborate decorations and of course, the usual festival food booths and carnival-type game booths. See all the photos here.
Yumi and I had a blast eating our way through the streets and enjoying the beautiful "yukata," or summer kimonos. (Hiratsuka, Japan)


bkhuna said...

The fish on a stick vendor was awesome. I went to a Ryokan with Takabe and a bunch of others once in the mountains and we had little fishes on a stick.

And plenty of sake! I don't recall the rest.

Dave said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun in Hiratsuka.... I will defintely get my butt out to next year's Tanabata!

Faye Valentine said...


I am trying to organize a trip to Hiratsuka and I am crazy cause I cannot find any nice place to stay in Hiratsuka. Could you help me?