July 25, 2007

Don't Tell PETA
If you are one of those types that couldn't vote in the last poll because the strangest thing you've had to eat was Chinese buffet...well brace yourself. Matt and I had raw horse meat last weekend. Although it was difficult to eat, (figuratively, not literally,) we repressed everything our culture taught us and swallowed it down. It was rich, sweet, and overall pretty tasty but I will never, ever eat it again. Watching the look on Matt's face made it really hard to enjoy... (Hideyoshi Yakitori, Kamakura)

July 14, 2007

You Ate What?

There's a new survey to the right in which I've turned the tables and want to know what you've had to eat? You can vote for multiple things so click each one if you've tried it... If you've consumed something creepy that isn't listed, comment on this post and tell me! I'd say there's a prize for the gnarliest food mentioned but I'd be lying.

Oh yeah, this photo was taken in Paris two years ago on my final night there. I'd been looking for escargo, (snails,) the entire duration of my trip! I'd had snails before in our hometown, el Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, but in a tomato-based sauce. In Paris they were in an oil and butter sauce with some pureed herbs. Exactly how I like them. Zey were screaming delicious. Like chewy mushrooms. . . .chewy mushrooms that used to crawl around.

July 6, 2007

Tanabata: Star Crossed Lovers Meet in the Sky
The most popular Tanabata festival kicked off last night in Hiratsuka, about a half hour from here. The festival features elaborate decorations and of course, the usual festival food booths and carnival-type game booths. See all the photos here.
Yumi and I had a blast eating our way through the streets and enjoying the beautiful "yukata," or summer kimonos. (Hiratsuka, Japan)

Matsuri no Gomi: (Festival Trash)
Yumi: (With a strange look and laugh,) Why are you taking a picture of garbage????
Jessica: Because it's cool! It's Japanese garbage!
Yumi: Why is it cool and Japanese???
Jessica: You've got a Japanese melon, some Asahi beer cups, a kaki-kori (Japanese shaved ice) container and the skeleton of an uchiwa (summer fan.) That's totally Japan!
Yumi: Oh. I see....

July 2, 2007

This One's For Christine

This is a common sight in Japan--pups being toted around on wheels, dressed to the nines, visiting temples with thier owners. Yesterday alone, several dogs visited the Yakitori shop, most in tee shirts and some in little carts like these cuties. (Kamakura, Japan)

He Gives the Term
"Coke Head"
a New Meaning

Saw this ad in a vending machine yesterday. If you're not familiar, samurais wore their hair like this. I'm guessing this guy is a famous actor? I just thought the ad was cleverly designed... (Kamakura, Japan)

101 Reasons to Not Love Japan

In June, we found not one--but two--centipedes, or "Mukade," in our kitchen. I swear the first one was pushing eight inches and the second a mere six. They are scary as all hell and because of their armor, they are impossible to kill with average household weapons, (Raid and sneaker.)
This guy took five whacks from Matt's boot and was still limping away!!! FYI: My colleague tells me to hold them at arms length and burn their heads with a lighter to kill them. With pleasure....