July 26, 2013

Engrish: The Toilet Paper Edition

Aah, the beauty of Engrish!
 It's not that I don't understand the advertising; it's just that it's so opposite of American advertising. I'm sure the Penguin brand is suggesting that the herb or leave-infused wipes will bring a chilly Antarctic-feel (or wherever the hell penguins come from,) to your tush. And I'm guessing that one of the Fruit Basket brand rolls will provide you with the scent of grapes or peach while you're, um, doing the business. But this American finds the idea of mixing delicious fruity smells with ahem--the nastiest of ones--simply gross.  It's subtle cultural differences that I love about living in a foreign land. You can only be bowled over by so many temples, crowded subways and crazy fads for so long.
Location: My local supermarket.

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