July 28, 2013

Sell Outs: Leo Dicaprio

Fresh off his Django Unchained success, Leonardo can be found brightening up the liquor aisles in Japanese supermarkets. He's the current spokesman for Jim Beam. What is funny about this instance is that I asked (in terribly broken Japanese,) if they threw away the poster afterward. The stocker immediately removed it from the box and handed it to me. After about ten thank you's and five bows, I left with a rad souvenir, a new blog post and hey--I'm totally a loyal customer now.

If you've read this blog in the past, you're familiar with "Sell Out" posts where I share western celebrities that are pushing products here in Japan and probably getting paid enough money to buy a small island. So why do I do it? Simple--I find it amusing! Back as early as the 80's, some of them would get flack for advertising cigarettes in Japan during a time that the culture in the states was shifting toward anti-tobacco. There seems to be a stigma with A list celebrities and advertising in the 'states, but it is very accepted here and thus more common. Finally, I don't see Leonardo pushing Jim Beam in the states would go over as well as it does here but what do I know.

Location: My (now) favorite local market, Yokosuka.

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