June 18, 2008

I Will Have Nightmares Tonight

This morning, I saw this giant spider as I was washing my hair. Our bath sorta juts out into a garden area and the glass is next to the wall of our living room. This spider found her happy zone there. It's warm, flat, protected and she can see any prey/predators coming from below. I thought she killed a bug and was wrapping it up for later but after googling up a storm I learned the truth.

She's got babies! Those are Matt's sausage palms to show you how big the spider is but I think it's a bad angle. Honestly, this spider is at LEAST six inches in diameter! She's got a flat disc of 200 little babies wrapped up in there. Yuck! I hate spiders that have long legs and especially ones that are big enough that I can make out details like hair, spots, feelers, EYES--freaking gross!
If you are interested in the topic, here are some nice links. They made me gag and vomit but hey--go for it: Wikipedia's Page and Another Scary Photo
Oh, and in case you're wondering: she's been there for at least 16 hours now. I guess she'll be there until she has her babies.
~for Brandon!~

UPDATE: Matt heroically got the mama spider into a cooler and transported her to a hill near our house. Safe at last...


Dave said...

Damn those things!
I get them in my house too and can't stand the fuckers!

BTW: have you even seen a spider egg hatch? It's pretty cool to be honest...it's even cooler when it's not your house that it hatches in. If you get the chance, try to get pictures of it as they all come running out at once!!!

Good thing is they eat the roaches.

Luci said...

Ok, first, Dan would have seriously MOVED out of our house if that thing was even within yards of us.
But, maybe you'll take comfort in the fact that apparently, this is a coveted little fucker, that eats other nasties, like cucarachas.