June 10, 2008

"Nice" Pachinko Ruins
Nirasaki, Yamanashi Prefecture
I had to Photoshop this photo (equalizer to bring out the foreground) since I use a digital camera and no knowledge of how to use it. I love taking photos but I'm a lazy photographer. My enjoyment comes from the experience of wandering around alone and blogging. One of these days, I'll buy an expensive camera and learn to take the photos that I know I have inside me.

This is the foyer of the Pachinko parlor. Unfortunately, the place was locked up tight:( There were rows of pachinko machines inside and this cool, pink retro phone too!
This giant parking lot overlooks a statue store and not much else...
A bunch of local birds have turned this small shack into their home. It sat in the back of the parking lot so I'm guessing it's either for cashing in your pachinko balls or getting your parking validated. Translation anyone??? Dave? Yumi? Can you comment if you know?


Dave said...


Dave said...

Nice! I love ruins too!

Nice shot of the sign in both shots! You can tell that it is old, by the design. Either that or they hired a bad designer....it wasn't me!

Nice telephone shot too! At first I thought it was outside. I had to look a second time to see the glare in the glass. The phone looks more like a recent one. So that means it was just a bad designer that designed the sign.

Yes, go buy a Nice expensive huge camera and take more Nice photos to show us!