June 7, 2008

Neighborhood Matsuri (Street Fair)
Since I had to work today for a few hours, we couldn't stray too far from home. We checked out a small matsuri near Yokosuka base and brought the dogs to stretch our legs. Here's a view of some locals carrying their mikoshi, portable shrine, and "blessing" different businesses. Behind them is a smaller version for the kids. Cute! (Shiori Station, Yokosuka)

Matsuri food is a lot like carnival or fair food in the states. You can't help but gorge but even as you swallow, you know you'll regret it. I always approach street fairs with gusto but abandon my purchases after a few dissatisfied bites. The one thing I always finish is the shaved ice. My tastebuds were honed in this country,and this is the only place that gets the flavors right!
Modern Matsuri Gear
These cuties were sipping beverages while managing traffic.

Octopus? Octopi? Octopusses?
Hundreds of baby octopus/octopi/octopusses gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice: Takoyaki!
I think of this stuff as ultimate matsuri food. Slathered in mayo, dried bonito fish flakes, sweet pickled ginger and maybe some seaweed seasoning, it's total street fair food: fatty, sweet, bloat-inducing and awesome. Besides, it makes people back in the states cringe in horror. Okay, fine! You win! That's the real reason I eat it!
Foreground: The main ingredient
Middle: The finished product
Background: Work in progress

1 comment:

Dave said...

Man...that's the 6th omatsuri that I missed already this year!!! I have to kick myself a little harder!

The tako shot is awesome! Love the cuties too....of course they look a little too young but hard to tell in this country!!!

You're kidding! Matsuri food kicks ass! Gotta be the worse for the body but who cares! It's the best that this country has to offer....not!