May 10, 2012

Aaaaaaaand........We're Back!

We moved back to Japan roughly two weeks ago. I've been toying with the idea of reviving this blog. On our way home tonight (after a wonderful meal full of various nibbles and Asahi while watching the Sumo tournament,) we passed this department store. Inspiration hath struck and it came in the form of  typical hilarious "lost in translation" at its best. 

When I lived here as a child, the only American holiday we saw any trace of was the freakish Wizard of Oz looking Santa in department store advertisements. Nowadays, Halloween is pretty popular although as my friend Masumi put it, "it is celebration of Pumpkin." On Valentines Day, Japanese women give males chocolate or gifts. Basically, they don't quite get it.

So I dedicate the resurrection of Ramen for Breakfast to my mom.  Because as the old man and I continue to live abroad and enjoy the quirks and perks of living in a foreign land, we miss out on important American rituals like family dinners, shopping with our moms, fishing with our dads, Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts and so much more.  
Thanks Mama or as we say back home "Happy Mother's Day!"


Mike said...

Jejjers is back.

Happy happy joy joy!


Mike said...

My comments seem to be falling into a black hole where unwanted comments go to die.

Or New Jersey. Same difference.

Glad the blog has been revived and I hope to see mucho mas mo tsukosi scenes of Japanese life.