February 3, 2009

Setsubun-Hello Spring, Devils and Crunchy Soy Beans!
Asashoryu's Coach is one of the Famous Bean-Tossers!

The Crowd at the Bean Throwing Day at Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

Traditional Japanese Dessert of Peas, Mochi (Pounded Rice) with Vanilla Ice Cream
We stopped at an old Japanese house-turned-tea and dessert restaurant. These peas are dried to store and before being served are soaked to revive them. Before eating, we used a tea kettle to pour brown sugar syrup over our sweets.

Pork Rules!!!
If you're ever on your way to or fro the big Buddha, stop at the Katsudon place next to the tracks by Hase station (Enoden Line.) It's the best katsudon I've had! This is Yumi's first time there and Kristy's first time having Katsudon ever!
It's been awhile since I found anything cool in a vending machine. This one had curry, oden and a slew of various noodle-based eats including the classic Ramen!

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