February 4, 2008

A Golden Sh*t to Celebrate the New Year
Perched on a shelf in the living room is a tiny creature made of glass. It's a handcrafted, adorably round pig (buta in Japanese if you bother to learn anything while reading my silly posts,) a gift from my good friend Yumi to celebrate the New Year. So why does a seemingly sophisticated, world-traveled kinda gal give her friend (tomodachi if you're taking notes,) a chubby pig with a pile of golden poop (unchi if you're a teacher's pet,)as a gift? Well, we'll ask Yumi to step up, comment and make it all clear to us.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gomen J-chan ! it doesn't mean so special .. just i felt i want to give u when i find it. coz u told me ur nagae friend was calling u Butachan and i remenber u like to japanese Unchi shape of picture . hahahah that is not japanese culture to give friend the kind of thing .
but this butachan creature means "u can get happiness and u ll be lucy for money "
butachan ha happiness
we call kin for gold and call un for poop so kin is money un is lucky !
i know nobady make golden poop :b
i hope i coud make it... i ll be sugoi rich???

hohoho u have sugoi crazy japanese sister de lucky ne!!!!! cicicici :b