February 16, 2008

Ramen for Breakfast: The Animal Edition!

"Animals think...they're pretty smart
Sh*t on the ground...see in the dark"
~The Talking Heads~

while my folks were here in Dec/Jan, we were at Hachimangu Shrine when Matt disappeared for several minutes to take photos of squirrels. (If you really know Matt, this doesn't surprise you.) Look at the look on this guy's face! It's total wonder and confusion and yet--he looks like the cutest little stuffed toy ever, doesn't he? Aw...Japan....even the squirrels are adorable!

Forget double negatives, this sentence is beyond fixing! After much thought, my dad and I finally figured out that if you DON'T have a pet, you CAN'T sit here which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what this cafe meant to say. "
A few weeks ago, Matt finally nagged me into hiking this trail behind our house. It's six miles long and is full of climb after climb. The view from the top was worth it and I think we got above a smog line or something because my lungs haven't expanded that fully in a looooong time. It literally hurt so good to get a fresh breath breath of air! We hiked past temples and shrines, a small creek and ended near a rock climbing area, "Shonan Takatori" maybe??? Since our friend Liz remarked that I never mention Matt in RFB--here he is, Liz--alive and well!

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