July 14, 2017

A Golden Opportunity

This day trip to Tokyo was one of my last before moving. I had just given myself a DSLR for my birthday and needed to be inspired to learn it. My travel companion was remarkably patient as I fiddled with my new toy its first day out of the box. The gorgeous "Ginko Avenue," is located in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park and now hosts an annual Gingko Festival.

Ginko trees, or "ginan" as they're called in Japan, are hands-down my favorite tree. Lots of people get hung up on sakura, but ginan are equally gorgeous and an enormous part of Japanese culture.

First of all, the female trees yield the horrifically smelly ginko fruit with a delicious pit. The ginan, or ginko biloba nut, is packed with minerals and is especially tasty grilled over charcoal and accompanied with an icy cold beer.

Second, the trees turn a spectacular golden color (if you missed the pics, this is a good time to scroll up,) in the fall. A bright golden ginan tree is one of mother nature's limited edition crayons that is magificent, and brief.

Third, the shape of the ginan leaves are also the shape of the hairstyle, oicho worn by some sumo wrestlers. If you know me, you know I love sumo. 

So case closed. The ginan tree rocks. 

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