September 1, 2008

Live Forever or Die Trying

Last year it was the Ginnan or ginko nut, this year it's Goya, a bitter melon that supposedly, is the secret to why Okinawaens (Okinawa being the southernmost island in Japan,) outlive all Japanese and the rest of the world. I was first turned on to this scary looking thing by Dave, of Dave Snaps fame two years ago but recently, Yumi's mom made something that was so delcious (no offense, Dave,) that it actually compelled me to cook! Above is my fourth go at getting the bitterness out of the Goya (thanks to a tip from a cook that I work with=squeeze and rinse...squeeze and rinse.) I figure it can't hurt to try to counter all of the chuhais and yakitori that I've consumed...
FYI: Ingredients include: Onion, Pork, Goya, Tofu, Eggs, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sesame Oil and enjoyed best over a bowl of rice but equally delicious eaten alone while waiting for your rice to cook!)
My Kitchen, Zushi

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Dave said...

Oh know my Goya チャンプル kicked ass an all other....ha x 3!

BTW: here's another good tip for getting the bitterness out of the Goya. After slicing it, just soak it in water with salt. Depending on how much salt you use, will determine how long to let it soak. I don't use too much salt because I like the bitterness and I only let it soak for 30min. This way, it keeps its fresh crunchy texture.

Also, I still owe you awamori!!!! Which is awesome with Goya!!!