April 19, 2008

Flats McFarlane's First Comp!

Last Saturday, we took off at Midnight and drove to Motegi where they have this big race track compound owned by Honda Motors. They test race cars, motorcycles, host competitions and have recreation stuff. Matt's bike trials competition was in a recreation area called "Hello Woods." On two hour's sleep, he competed all day! Motegi is several hour's North so I got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom...like a bonus round!
Behind us is the number one ranked Japanese trials bike rider. His father is a champ of the original trials style on motor bikes. Those are the sons of Enamoto San, a guy that Matt befriended riding one day. His kids are both into the sport. They are a genuinely nice family and Enamoto San took care of registering Matt and everything!
Matt's practicing for the next comp in May. I'm stoked to watch him compete, see the elite level riders do their thing plus explore new sections of Japan that I'd otherwise not see. Gambate Mattoo San!(that's what the boys call him:)
(Motegi Speedway, Japan)


Luci said...

How cool! Yay for Matt, that looks really fun for you guys. What's with the nickname, though? Flats? hmmmm....

Jessica said...

Matt has a knack for getting flat tires. One time it happened when we drove all the way to our favorite bike trail in SD and he got a flat five minutes into the ride. Once he got TWO flats on the same ride! So, I call him Flats:)