October 21, 2006

Porn is Lovely

After my Japanese class, (thanks to Lisa for hooking me up with that!) I wandered around Yokosuka in search of food. I remembered an adult theatre that I used to peek at curiously as a teenager and was told was still operational. Not only is it still there, but it looks like the owner hasn't invested a cent in the exterior's upkeep since I lived here eleven years ago! The sign is wonderful with peeling paint and weathered metal. Here's the up-close shot, but there are more under the Yokosuka photo album at the top left.

Ramen On Wheels?

Last weekend, we went in search of a British pub near the Yokohama train station. Nine dollar drinks and wall-to-wall gaijins, (foreigners,) sent us in search of something better. We ended up at a great female-owned bar/yakitori joint, (skewered and grilled meat, veggies, more!) With three dollar Yebisu (a malty beer,) mugs, very friendly staff, and killer yakitori, we plan to make this a regular destination. Afterwards, we found ourselves here, at a mobile ramen restaurant. The food was cheap, yummy and the guy had cans of beer in a cooler behind him. The experience was livened up by all the inebriated people who wanted to drink with us including a family with two children and a business man who called himself persona non grata. Maybe he was alluding to being a spy? In any case, they were all very friendly!

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, very interesting, unusual pictures and the food??? I don't know....Great JOB!! aunt jeannie